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Specializing in:

  • Data Processing Project Management
  • Data cleansing/conversion/synchronization
  • Specialized solutions for departmental and Small Business needs
  • Specialized Asset Tracking

Warning: Unrelated to us, another entity has registered the domain We have been contacted by many people who claim we made them a job offer.

My company, S.P. Jones Enterprises L.L.C., for which is the only website, was founded in and has always been located in Missouri, where it has just one location. It was registered with the Missouri Secretary of State in 2003. We are engaged primarily in custom software development and specialised data processing consulting and project management. We have never, do not now, and never intend to offer concierge services.

We have not advertised employment opportunities, have not contacted anyone regarding employment opportunities, are not hiring now, nor do we have any plans to hire in the future. We have no stores, no trucks, no warehouses, no managers.

If you have been told otherwise, you have been misled by someone who has no relationship with our company.